ON SATURDAYS, we will have two seatings (5-7 and 7:30)

Please email vinogirl79@gmail.com to reserve your spot today. And don’t worry, we’ll always leave a few spaces for walk-ins (we realize it’s sometimes hard to plan ahead).  

You might wonder why we've decided to take reservations after 11 years. On Saturdays, especially during ski season, it was frustrating for our guests to have wait over an hour for a table. We hope that by offering two seatings, we'll be able to accommodate our guests in a more graceful manner. And by leaving room for walk-ins, we will also be able to take care of guests who didn't realize we now take reservations or who are a little more spur-of-the-moment.

Reservations will also be accepted from December 26th-January 4th. 


Change IS GOOD

We have exciting news about some big changes at bV. We encourage you to read the letter we've posted so that you can learn about what lies ahead.  We know that these are significant changes and that you may have thoughts or concerns.  Please feel free to email us at vinogirl79@gmail.com with any questions.